So let me take a break from telling my personal stories; or fictional stories that I watch on TV or read in books. For a few minutes, let me talk instead about a real life story that’s got the world abuzz and many thousands of people clamoring for justice.

I’m sure you’ve heard about it and read about it.

The Massacre in Maguindanao, occurred on November 23 in broad daylight. A massacre that left more than 50 civilians – including women, children and journalists – dead. Not just dead. They were raped, beheaded, mutilated and tortured. If you watch crime movies, you’d know this was personal.

The primary target of this attack: the family of a would-be candidate for the gubernatorial race for next year’s Elections in the province of Maguindanao. You’d know this were true… because the party that was massacred was his family.

I, like many, assumed that we’ve already seen the worst of the country’s violence, there in that Region that’s besieged with regular terrorist attacks in places where civilians converge. Regular bombings, civilians caught in the crossfire, kidnappings…we thought we’d seen them all.

The last thing any of us expected was something like this. A heartless, cruel, malicious bloodbath.

Political clan wars with blood feuds… these were things I always thought were just things I’d see only in movies about African countries where innocent children were recruited at a young age and taught to kill, main and mutilate fellow human beings as part of their immersion and exposure into acts of terrorism and brutality.

These are the kinds of stories I’ve never liked watching nor reading about, but I do anyway. These are the stories we need to know¬† as citizens of the human race. These are stories we need to share, in the hopes that someday, stories like these end with a happier ever after.

Share this story, and do your part in speaking out against such atrocity.

The full story here.