Six Months After Haiti

I saw a special feature at CNN over the weekend about the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake and what has happened since. It’s been six months.

It’s astounding. Countries who had pledged financial aid (with the exception of Australia, Brazil, Estonia and Norway) have yet to hand them over. Less than 2% of the committed funds had been delivered to this calamity and poverty-stricken country.

Meanwhile, hospitals are closing down because there’s simply no money left to keep the place running.

Medicine has run out. Volunteers have upped, left and abandoned the place, so operating rooms of the hospitals have become a ghost town. As a result, victims of the earthquake are no longer receiving the medical attention they need to completely recover. Many children (like the one above) don’t even get the required minimum daily nutrition to at least equip their bodies with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to become healthy again.

Most of the rubble from fallen structures have yet to be cleared. In one of the stories shared by CNN, there was one boy who was found hiding beneath an iron table, buried under tons of rubble — a whole month after the earthquake. He was alive, but emaciated and severely traumatized. It was a miracle he was even alive. Five months later, the boy is back on his feet and healthy, but uncommunicative. Only heaven knows how long his emotional wounds would take to heal, if at all.

Millions still live in makeshift tents, as they wait with bated breath for their homes to be rebuilt, or even the rubble in their former homes be cleared so they can begin rebuilding the lives they’ve lost.

How quickly we forget. I suppose it’s but human nature. After all, it’s not like we don’t have have our own share of problems and calamities in the Philippines. That’s the way it is sometimes. Google up “How I can help Haiti Philippines”, and most sites I’ve found have entries dated all the way back in January. It took some effort to find ways to help that are recent.

Busy as I’ve been tending to my life and my own concerns, I can’t turn a blind eye anymore though. Whatever help I can give is tiny, miniscule and almost completely negligible… but I cannot in good conscience, not do anything either. I suppose for lack of a better explanation, it’s basic human decency to reach out to our fellow human beings who need to literally survive. If my help can help feed one more child for another week, then what the heck, right?

If you feel the same way and want to help in your own little way, here are some ways you can help:

1. Philippine Red Cross: click here to donate (although the PNRC site has been down today…)

2. Global Charity Association: click here to find out how you can help

3. Be a Facebook fan of “Let’s Help Haiti”