An Electrifying Electricity Bill

So upon getting home last night and settling comfortably on our couch, hubby casually reached for a pile of envelopes on the table and dumped it on my lap. It was all our bills for the month from our basement mailbox. A very typical scenario in our home that occurs once a month.

So I nonchalantly started opening the envelopes one at a time til I got to our electricity bill.

I almost fell off my couch. Our bill this month… is double what we normally pay monthly! On a month when we had brownouts! And on a month when we consciously and conscientiously decided to bear with the scorching heat of summer in Manila and avoid using our airconditioner even at the peak of the afternoon heat — all in the attempts of trying to cut down our electricity consumption!


As it turns out, we aren’t alone in our plight. Several bloggers have also been complaining about the horrendous rise in the cost of electricity this month.

The explanation of Meralco is as such:

Meralco’s Generation Charge

The rise in generation charges springs from the high cost of electricity that Meralco buys from its suppliers. These suppliers consist of the National Power Corporation (NCP), Independent Power Producers (IPP) and Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM).

The major factor that caused the sharp rise in electricity was because of the increase in the price of WESM, a venue for trading electricity as a commodity in the spot market.

Meralco does not add any mark-up to the cost of electricity purchased from these electricity suppliers. The generation cost, which averages about 50-60% of your electric bill, goes directly to Meralco’s power suppliers and adds nothing to Meralco’s income.


I don’t know anything about power charges, WESM and all that.

I can believe that the cost of energy has increased given that we are smack in the middle of one of the worst bouts of El Nino ever. The temperature in the metro as of late has left many vulnerable to nothing less than heat stroke. Our water levels are approaching critical, hence less sources of renewable energy. And due to the scorching heat, electricity consumption has skyrocketed, rendering power plants overworked and more prone to falling apart.

I can understand why the cost per kwh needs to be increased. But double???? Goodness… If I could charge extra for every day of my life that I’ve been overworked, I’d be a rich, rich woman.

Still, things like this make me think of many other things.

In spite of the advancements in science and technology, why haven’t we found a naturally occurring source of renewable energy that doesn’t need to rely solely on Meralco’s power plants?

And this El Nino… how disturbing is it that our planet has been subject to extreme weather disturbances lately? Scientists chuck it up to Global Warming.. hell yeah, it is Global Warming. We hear about it almost everyday nowadays but does any one of us actually do something (big or small) in our own way to do our part to arrest any further damage to our environment?

Ultimately, we can complain and rant all we want about the horrendous rise in the cost of utilities. Does it make you wonder though if all of this is the world’s way of getting back at the human race?