Erap Ties Villar for 2nd Place!



This latest piece of news just might actually push me to vote for Noy. *groan* Funny how one’s perspective can shift so drastically, so quickly.

Before I saw this on the news last night, voting for Noy was not even close to being an option. It was either Dick or Gibo. Or, if I had allowed pragmatism to more heavily influence my decision-making process, perhaps Manny Villar as a ‘lesser evil’.

Come to think of it, I think vacillating and delaying the inevitable final decision on who to vote signifies many things. The fact that there’s no perfect candidate. The fact that all of them have things that work for and against them. The fact that it really entails a long-drawn-out decision-making process to arrive at a satisfying choice.

Beyond those obvious things, what is remarkable is that before this new piece of news, vacillating was actually still an option. When the Presidential seat seemed to be unmistakably waiting for just either Noy or Villar, while it inspired heated debates and rising tempers – we all knew (I think) at the back of our minds that either way, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Or to be more succinct about it – Noy or Villar as President wouldn’t be unacceptable.

With Erap back in the race with a strong fighting chance, therein lies the most unacceptable event of all: that he wins back the Presidential seat. It’s no different from the 2004 Elections when it was clearly just a race between GMA and FPJ.

Yegadz!!! And to think there were rumors a few weeks ago that a few days before the Elections, Erap will suddenly pull out of the race and endorse all his supporters to vote for Villar instead.

Well… that’s not an impossibility yet at this point, of course. Our political arena is as we already know, very much akin to an arena filled with circus freaks.

So here we are, 2 weeks before the elections and it seems like much is changing. If Erap continues his climb up the Presidential race, it’s a no brainer that Noy is without a doubt, the better choice.

So much for voting without  compromising.


Random Elections Thoughts (ver. 1)

I watched ABS-CBN’s special election feature “Harapan” last weekend.

10 random thoughts:

  1. My loudest laugh of the night was hearing Brother Eddie Villanueva merge the names of two spiritual icons into one name. Meet Mohammad Gandhi.
  2. Erap Estrada really cannot understand English well. It was a little bit sad watching him struggle to understand a simple question of one of the students. If I could only remember what question that was
  3. Noynoy is the fortunate beneficiary of the stellar and courageous reputations of his parents. He isn’t as ignorant of politics as I thought he was… but I still hold firm to my statement (since the death of Cory Aquino) that Noynoy is not Ninoy, nor will he ever be.
  4. But my fearless forecast is: he will win. My sentiments about this possible eventuality… his heart may be in the right place but the focus of his attentions seems to be elsewhere other than the more immediate and pressing problems of our country.
  5. Most Presidentiables right now (with the exception of Gibo Teodoro) seem to be single-mindedly focused on completely burying GMA six feet underground. Which begs the question: are any of them ever gonna take their eyes off GMA long enough to actually do their jobs and focus on what’s important?
  6. That conference confirmed my initial preference of voting for Gibo. Reading up on the platforms of the Presndentiables a few weeks ago through Cheche Lazaro’s documentary made me see back then that of all Presidentiables, he was the only one who (a) seemed to have a solid grasp of what it takes to run a country; (b) had a solid and clear platform; and (c) had his priorities straight. Most other candidates’ platforms were both unclear and essentially, non-existent. This latest coverage of ABS confirmed that Gibo indeed knew what he was talking about.
  7. But then it also got me to have doubts and second thoughts about voting for such a smooth-talking lawyer. Not that I don’t like lawyers. Sometimes, a person that intelligent could be quite dangerous. My husband seems to think though that in context of the political landscape of this country, he would more likely end up being a puppet.
  8. Manny Villar did not show up. Makes one wonder why. That was an important show, it got thousands of the voting public to talk about all that had transpired and all that was said in the show. He should not have missed it.
  9. Dick Gordon is another viable candidate. Personally, I also like Bayani Fernando. Call them hardcore traditional politicians – but at least they have integrity. If we’re talking about results, Dick Gordon has the clearest and most tangible results to boast of.
  10. Goodness. Every elections, we have nuisance candidates. JC delosReyes, Nicanor Perlas – who the hell are those??? I sometimes marvel at the infancy of our electoral process and how we comprehend the democratic process. It’s anyone’s right to run for office. But seriously now… that on earth makes them think they even have a chance in hell to win? Unless they decided to run for the simple reason that they wanted votes to be distributed between many different candidates. But what’s the point, and to what end??

As of this writing, I am still undecided about who to vote for. It’s still a toss-up between Gibo and Dick. Who knows though what else happens in the course of the next few months?


What is unusual for me though is that this is the first elections where I’ve really taken the effort to know the issues, have a stand on what issues I think need to be prioritized, and choose candidates not simply on the basis of their reputation but on their genuine capacity to make this country a better place.

It’s not just about a squeaky clean reputation and image. Sometimes, people with a squeaky clean image tells me that maybe they’re never willing to get their hands dirty and take risks that could potentially overturn a bad situation. This is not to condone immoral and unlawful acts. It’s about a presidentiable who can exercise resourcefulness. To think out-of-the-box (pardon me, I’m in the Communications business) and consider all possibilities, especially possibilities that no one else had ever considered – in finding solutions to this country’s problems. And this presidentiable should have guts of steel to withstand all the negative publicity and criticism that he will get from a citizenry and political opposition who won’t stop at nothing to bring him down for taking unusual risks or exercising what some would call – unpopular measures.

I think after decades of watching this country sink deeper in poverty as the days go by, desperate times calls for desperate measures. So next year, when I place my vote on that ballot, it will be with the desperate hope that whoever it is I’m voting for will win, and will do what he can to try to make things better for all of us.