The Bright Side of Adversity

I saw this image in a football blog site. It’s quite funny and charming.

Aside from alcohol and an overindulgence of tobacco, there are other things that help relieve the struggles that come with adversity. All in all, my sad story isn’t just all bad after all. There is a silver lining to adversity.

Something I realized last night while trying to battle the blues and the panic attacks is that I am quite blessed. Thrice now in my life when major adversity strikes (the kind that leaves you shaken up for days and weeks, and where you kinda never go back to how you used to be afterwards), there was always an overflowing amount of love and support from the most important people in my life. Nothing puts a relationship to the test better than when adversity strikes.

Friends. The best kinds of friends in the world who offer unconditional love and support. Who will always believe in you without even the need for an explanation. Who can sense from miles away when a text message of support is all you need to get through the next few minutes.

Family. The ones you want to murder almost on a daily basis, but when you’re at the end of your rope, they’ll reel you back in and remind you of what you’re worth. Who will pray for you, even when there are still unresolved issues on the other side.

Husbands. (I only have one, and I thank the universe with all my heart that he is my “one”). The one who will hold you when you cry, and tell you that everything will be alright. The one who will be as angry at the world in your behalf, if not angrier. The one who will take you away from your troubles for just a few minutes by telling you that he loves you more than anything in the world.

To anyone out there facing a tough battle, I hope this post reminds you that through everything in life, you will never be alone. Just look around. They may be the same people you’ve learned to take for granted on a daily basis. Most often, they are.

But I guarantee you, many times over with my life story as proof: adversity strikes and it’s tough, it’s unfair, it sucks. The world could punch you repeatedly, beat you up, tie you to the stake and burn you alive again and again while all the wounds are still fresh… but you will survive anything. Just put your trust on those around you, and believe with all your heart that this is the world’s way of reassuring you… you’re never alone.