How Do You Think the World Will End?

Sunday was Post-Apocalyptic Movie Day.

After lunch, we decided to watch “The Day After Tomorrow”. We’d already seen this in the movie house before. I remember liking it, and I remember being fascinated by this theory of how the human race ends.

I did like it again.

Aside from liking Dennis Quaid, I have a fascination for the different scientific explanations and theories that revolve around the principle of Global Warming. In fact, someday I think I will put together a summary of all the different fiction materials (on books, movies, comic books) with the different theories on Global Warming.

That aside, imagine if a super storm did hit the entire world… and how timely, considering all the freak storms that hit various parts of the world this year. A super storm like Ondoy which in a few hours was able to bury most of the city in deep water. Only, this super storm in the movie brought not only flood but below freezing weather in the eye of the storm, enough to freeze anything moving in open air within just a few seconds.

Yes, the human race ends with the coming of another ice age.

After “Day After Tomorrow”, we hopped over to our next door neighbor to catch “2012”.

This time, the world ends a little bit differently than “Day After Tomorrow”. The story is a little bit different too..

(Spoiler alert!)

This time, the world ends because the earth’s core gets too hot. The balance of forces in the world has been massively disturbed throughout all these centuries and lifetimes. Somehow, the world now needs to correct itself and restore balance to itself.

So volcanoes erupt. Massive earthquakes split the ground open and swallow cities, skyscrapers, bridges and everything else in its path. Giant tsunamis devour everything else that the earthquake doesn’t destroy.

And when the earth’s land masses begin to break up, the earth’s continents, islands and countries move and shift. Suddenly, what used to be the North Pole is now Central America. What used to be the Siberian mountains is now China. And of course, being the nerd that I am, I found it fascinating once more.

Before watching this movie, I’d already heard mixed reviews about it. But I liked it. An original premise, brilliant acting by John Cusack and the hilarious Woody Harrelson. Awesome screenwriting (seriously, this is the only Post-Apocalyptic movie that made me laugh uproariously many times over).

I like watching movies like these simply for the entertainment value. I’m also a fan of science fiction, especially when the science fiction is more science than it is fiction.

The end of the world to me has always been a vague notion¬† of something that either physically happens sometime in this world’s lifetime… or happens in the metaphorical sense of death and spiritual rebirth.

For believers, many fear this day of reckoning when the world turns to black, and calamity befalls the earth in succeeding bursts, enough to wipe out most of the human race.

But to me, I’ve always felt that if the world ended today, it would be a fate that’s far too kind for mankind and all its imperfections. (But this sentiment is one which comes from a person who believes that in death is where we will receive our reward of light, love, hope and peace from a life well-lived and well-loved.)

Hence, I’ve never believed the world will end in the physical, literal sense that we think… not in this lifetime. Which is why I was a bit taken aback when someone asked me,¬† “do you believe 2012 is gonna happen?

I first answered by saying, “who knows?” And I think moments after pondering the best way to answer this question – that’s the response I still have and will stay with.

Who knows? Who knows really how the world ends? Who knows how the human race faces extinction? Or if it will ever will? Who knows, maybe by the time our physical earth falls apart, space travel would already have been made possible, and other planets and galaxies would already be inhabitable by the human race? Who knows, really?

No one.

That’s why if there is a lesson to learn from Post-Apocalyptic pieces of fiction such as these… it’s simply to keep living each day as though it were your last. You’ll never know what comes tomorrow… if it will even come.

Sage wisdom through the ages. Works everytime.