The Wife in the City

Once upon a time, there was a thirty-something wife in the city of Metro Manila.

She devours fiction books like she devours Pringles and Pop Corn.

She’s been married for some years now to the same guy she lived with for almost 8 years before signing those marriage contracts.

She has no children, save for the 13-something “kids” she adopted in the office.

People have told her that her life is reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City, though she was never a fan of the franchise.

She is very opinionated and has always been secretly thought to be “full of herself” – but deep inside, she just has very strong, intense and passionate views.

She loves television shows and movies whose stories resonate with genuine and authentic human truth. She cares little for whether the story is happy, sad, thrilling, suspenseful, funny or just outright strange.

Life for her is a never-ending story. And just like any other closet idealist, she never stops hoping that life will also let her live her “happily ever after” someday.

One day, she realized that the best stories in the world – the ones that made her laugh til her insides ached; the ones that made her cry she had to hoard tissues to soak her tears; the ones that had her biting her nails from fear, suspense or anxiety; and even the stories that were bad enough to share — wouldn’t mean as much if she kept these secrets only to herself.

And so she decided that her gift of gratitude to the deserving storytellers, the writers, the authors, the filmmakers, directors, and even the casual man-on-the-street storytellers –  was to blog, and to keep blogging about the stories that left a permanent mark in her heart… and she vowed that for as long as there are stories to tell, she will never stop blogging (unless there are no more readers left).

2 Responses to The Wife in the City

  1. Lady says:

    Blog on!!!

    Hi Gen, I miss you!

  2. wifeinthecity says:

    Hi Lades! I miss you too!!!

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