Our Battle with Cancer. The Final Chapter.

Written on my mobile phone September 4, 2010.

On August 29, 2010 at around 3 in the afternoon, dad took his last breath while surrounded by his family, and the song “How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place” playing softly in the background of the hospital room.

My uncle says that in his life, dad didn’t have many (if at all) valuable possessions. But in his dying bed, he was a rich man surrounded by those he loved best.

In the end, it was his cancer tonic and the consequent weight loss that got him. For because of the weight loss, he had to be put back on a high protein diet to help him regain his strength and the nutrition his body badly needed. Sadly, cancer cells thrive on protein. In a matter of a week and a half, his lung tumor size doubled, obstructing his major bronchial air tubes.

A few hours before he passed away, his lungs had already failed and oxygen was no longer being processed by his body anymore.

During his wake, many people had exclaimed that it all happened so fast.

That, it did.

We expected to have months with him yet.

But who knows the will of the universe?

I just hope and pray that wherever you are now, Dad, I hope you’re in a happier, more peaceful place than where we are. Please watch over us, and let us know in however way, that you’re okay…


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