On P-Noy and wangwangs

I don’t know how most Pinoys feel about PNoy’s decision to not use his right as President of the Philippines to use wangwangs when he goes places. While the principles behind him wanting to equalize himself along with the rest of the nation’s population is certainly an admirable thing, I wonder at how practical it actually is.

It’s been just a week since he was inaugurated as the President of the Republic, and already he arrives at meetings and functions late. Whether his tardiness is attributed to a bummed stomach, or unforeseen traffic – somehow I can’t help but feel that tardiness is a graver sin than not using his wangwangs to get to where he has to go just to prove a point.

It’s not just the tardiness per se. I’d be one to criticize tardiness when I’m hardly the most punctual person in the world.

But he’s the President of the country. His focus should be on making the country a better place rather than on strictly imposing limitations on himself that don’t really do anything to help solve the country’s problems. Somehow I can’t abide his insistence on not using his wangwangs to maneuver through Metro Manila traffic if there were something as important as peace talks, or foreign diplomatic meetings where time is always of the essence.

For the sake of the millions of Filipinos who are now counting on him for change, I hope pressing problems don’t take a backseat to his insistence on protecting his image.

One Response to On P-Noy and wangwangs

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