An Open Letter to the President Elect

Dear President Noynoy,

I know I’m only one of thousands of people sending you messages, well wishes and suggestions.

But in the off-chance that you, or one of your trusted supporters or administration staff do get to read this, I sincerely hope that you would heed what I am writing because I believe many share my sentiments.

For the sake of national unity & healing, I implore you to please cease all this crap about snubbing the Chief Justice. I implore you to please stop politicking and doing whatever you can to snub decisions made by the administration of PGMA. Whether she truly and genuinely has an agenda of her own past her Presidential term is no longer the relevant matter, nor should she even be the focus of your political agenda. You will be declared the President of this country. When the time comes, we believe that you and your administration will do what needs to be done regarding this matter.

But in the meantime, please do not start your term and your office (you have not even been proclaimed yet!) betraying the trust of those who voted for you. Many voted for you because they all believed you would be the instrument of change. And for change to take place where and when it should, there’s no room for traditional politicians. But since the appointment of Chief Justice Corona, your actions and reactions have been painfully reminiscent of a trapo.

What’s saddening by this, is that this makes you no better than those you accuse of using their position of power to advance their own agenda. While this may not be your intention, it still feels like you’re putting your own agenda ahead of the needs of the country.

I just wish for once that people in power would lessen their bickering, and just act more. Words are nothing without action. Promises are nothing until we see steps being taken to meet them.

So much time is spent bickering and arguing like schoolyard bullies resorting to childish name-calling. It’s getting old and tiring. It’s so painfully familiar. Is this the change you promised?

Before the 2010 Elections Campaign period began, many people (like me) were cynical and skeptical that anything good will happen in this country. For my part, I’d lost hope that I could build a good and comfortable life for myself and my family here. I’d lost hope that hard work, diligence and responsibility will amount to anything here. I compare our country to our Asian counterparts who have far far surpassed us already in progress and development, and I wonder why in spite of our talent and wealth of promise, we’re lagging seriously far behind.

And I realized it’s largely because of our culture of governance. So much time is wasted arguing and bickering. Picking on each other. Finding loopholes and shortcomings.

If people in the administration could argue objectively setting aside personal agenda and governing with only the best interests of the nation at heart – I believe so much more can be accomplished.

During your campaign, you promised change. While snubbing the Chief Justice is certainly a change (it’s never been done and will probably be cause for yet another major catastrophe in governance) — will this even accomplish anything positive for the country?

For you, perhaps it makes a point and makes your stand pretty clear.

But what value does it have  for ordinary decent, hardworking, taxpaying citizens like me?  What about for the millions of starving families baking under the intense heat of the El Nino sun whose homes can’t even protect them from nature’s forces?

In the greater scheme of things, where you take your oath is actually a small, trivial matter. While it’s a much awaited and much anticipated event, it’s much like a wedding. A one day, one-off affair that in reality, has absolutely no bearing, nor an impact to the marriage. Unlike many women, I don’t put much value in weddings. Ultimately, what does matter is the marriage.

And the same is true for governance. Does it really, truly matter where you take your oath of office?

I hate opening the morning papers reading about the politics of the President Elect snubbing the newly appointed Chief Justice.

Why can’t I read instead about you appointing the right people for the right job in your cabinet?

Why can’t I read about policies you will enforce in your administration that will serve the citizens of this country rather than the interests of those who serve?

Why can’t I read about a team looking into an in-depth analysis of our economic structure in the attempts of pinpointing the best strategy to reduce our debts without burdening the taxpapers any further and adding the burden of economic progress on the growth of OFWs?

Why can’t I read about educational programs intended to uplift the standards of our public education system?

And what exactly can be done with the situation in Mindanao?

So much work to do, yet all I see in the papers are more politics.

So please, live up to your promises in your campaign and please start the change that we need. It has to begin with you, you see. We will take your lead.

And please, don’t start your term with vengeance and vindication in your heart. For once, we need a President who will think about our welfare first for a change.


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