Who Should You Vote For on May 10?

The ones you should vote for on May 10 are the ones whom you think will fulfill their roles the best. Not the one “most likely to win”. Not “the one most likely to defeat so-and-so.” Not “the lesser evil”.

After all the discussions, debates, the volatile roller-coaster ride of survey and poll results, the political smearing and candidate-bashing… ultimately, here’s what I’ve realized over the weekend:

One. Don’t trust surveys. I fell for it last week. But here’s some truth: when FVR ran for President in 1992, he was only #5 in the polls survey. So if you’re just ‘settling’ for a candidate just because you think he has a better chance of winning (thereby defeating the ‘lesser evil’) … think again. I have.

Two. Don’t vote based on personality alone. That would be like hiring an employee just because he/she seems nice and seems to have a nice personality. When you hire an employee, of course personality is a big factor. But it’s not enough. You evaluate skill, track record, capability and look at achievements… as well as personality. And the same is true for the reverse. See, they go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other.

Three. Take time to study. Before even getting to know your candidates, get to know your country. Your government. The role of your President and Vice-President. What your Senators are for. What your Congressmen, Mayors, Councilors are for. What the point of voting for a Party List is. Get to know the issues. So you also get to figure out for yourself what problems need to be solved first, and how one problem affects all our other problems. And then review your candidates’ platforms. Find out what solutions they have in mind to address the most pressing problems. And then judge for yourself if you believe in the policies and platform of your candidate.

Four. The Other Government Seats are equally as important as the Presidential Seat. The Vice-President succeeds the President if for whatever reason, he cannot continue his term. Senators legislate and decide on laws that affect you and me in ways we may not even realize yet. So does the Congress. Mayors decide if the city you live in will be prepared if the next Typhoon Ondoy strikes. Councilors can help you fix your backyard; arrest neighborhood addicts and commend honorable Barangay Tanods. All of them have a reason for being. So yes, they are just as important as the President of the country.

And finally, five. Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by what others say. Listen, of course. Take it in stride and a grain of salt. Some things you hear on TV and from the lips of your family and friends may be true, but may not be true as well. Details matter, but in the greater scheme of things, they don’t matter as much as the big picture. No one’s perfect. The question is: in your point of view, who is the better man/woman qualified to do the job properly?

As Election Day draws closer, and anxiety continues to build all around, and speculations of cheating, failure of elections and whatnots abound; from ordinary voting citizens like us, what we need to do is to pause for a moment, and really reflect on the choices we will make on May 10.

I’ve come across some nice, non-partisan and unbiased articles that could help you when you reflect. Cheers!

How Presidentiables Plan to Generate Jobs

The Presidentiables’ Stand on Education

The Presidentiables’ Platforms

The Presidentiables’ Stand on Population Control

Get to Know Your Vice Presidentiables

The Buzz About the Senatorial Candidates. I have yet to find a site that compiles the list and profile of all the senatorial candidates (I suppose that would really be far too much), so instead I’m taking you to a forum where people discuss different senatorial candidates. Maybe you can pick up a thing or two here about them.

Refresher Course on Philippine Government Structure

Understanding the Partylist System. This is something new I forced myself to learn today.


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