A Sad Story

You’re gonna love this one.

It’s the story of a wife in the city on the brink of quiet desperation. Who whispers a silent prayer to the universe almost every minute of the day to be given a break from the monotony of constant disappointment. Who is asking for just one great thing to restore her faith in humanity and the long-held belief that you get what you give. That what goes around, comes around.

This is the story of a wife who’s wanted nothing but to be a good friend, a dedicated and honest worker with integrity, a loving wife, a good daughter. But as the days go by, her wavering faith in the innate goodness of the human soul is reaching a point of no return.

What to do, when one is called ugly things to one’s face when the truth sits plainly at the injustice of it all?

What to do, when one is desperately seeking vindication yet knowing all the same that in this world, vindication almost never comes for those who truly deserve it?

What to do, when one is so weary of never having a moment to stand still and not have to think about anyone or anything but herself for a change?

What to do when every which way you turn, you still feel alone, overwhelmed with responsibility yet always still manage to look like the bad guy?

There’s the quintessential question: why do bad things happen to good people? I’d like to think I do qualify as a good person. Everyday, I go to sleep with a little leap of optimism in my heart that tomorrow things will get better. And then the next day, just when you thought the worst has passed, something else happens.

I wouldn’t make Coco O’Brien proud with my cynicism, but grant me this one moment of despair. In a few minutes, I need to rouse myself again and be the strong one again. Appear to the world that nothing is wrong and everything can be shrugged aside and moving on will be as easy as pie. Put on a sunny smile, a cheery wave even when you feel like ripping your insides to douse the pain in your heart.

I just need a break. Is anyone in the world listening?


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