A Normal Day at the Office

woman-tearing-hair-outIt normally starts out like a little breeze on a bright sunny morning. Full of promise and possibilities. Another day given by the universe to be fruitful and productive, ending with a life lived fully for another day. Accomplished. Meaningful. Complete.

And then the day happens.

Meetings with raised voices. To-do lists that seem like a rambling of impossible deadlines and tasks. Conflicts that end with no resolution in mind. Personalities and egos to stroke. Confrontations to deal with. Problems that appear to have no immediate solution. Betrayal. Alliances on the brink of extinction.

Yes, this sounds pretty much like a normal day at the office.

Some days, it ends with cheerful smiles with the knowledge that the day truly was as fruitful and productive as you wanted it to be. On some days like today, it ends with misery swallowed by a glass of wine or some other alcoholic beverage that numbs the senses. On other days, it comes with a share of doubts and self-recriminations.

But going to bed at night doesn’t dim nor dampen the optimistic hope that things will be better and brighter the following day.

And so we try, with all our might, to close our eyes at the end of the day with a tiny smile on our faces and peace in our hearts. And a feint whispered prayer that maybe.. just maybe… tomorrow will be the stuff that good dreams are made of.


One Response to A Normal Day at the Office

  1. lianne says:

    buhay ahensya nga naman… 🙂

    i started a photoblog a few month back and i also wish one day to have a blog that brings in some cash! hehe.


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